An NSCA-certified personal trainer helping busy men & women stop "trying to get in shape", and finally build muscle, lose fat, move better, and hit any goal they set their minds to. I offer in-person and online training as well as a variety of boot camps. I look forward to getting to know you!


Whether you are an athlete trying to get better at your craft or someone that has let fitness slide down their list of priorities and wants to make a change

Using our methods at Martin Performance, we'll guide you through our proven system of creating a healthier, happier, and more confident version of yourself in the next 8 weeks- without boring workouts, or fad diets

We believe fitness should enhance your life, rather than take away from it- every transformation starts with an in-depth look at where you currently are and then create an achievable path to where you want to be.

In just a few sessions we'll take you from feeling frustrated with your current trajectory to feeling proud of the positive habits you've built

If you feel ready to take action, and put yourself first, Click Here to book your free assessment

Services Offered

Before any training can be done, a complimentary initial assessment needs to be completed.

In-Person Training

  • Movement assessments and interventions

  • Individualized and progressed workouts

  • Top-notch training facility

  • Hands-on coaching

  • Nutrition guidance

Online Training

  • Movement assessments and interventions

  • Individualized and progressed workouts

  • Easy to use online training app

  • Workout wherever and whenever you want

  • Nutrition guidance

  • Close communication with your coach

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