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Martin Performance's summer speed and strength class is perfect for each young athlete who is driven to chase their athletic potential. 


  • ​High-quality workouts- Each workout is tailored to what every young athlete needs. Workouts are specifically designed to enhance speed, agility, and strength. They will learn proper techniques for sprinting, change of direction, and explosive movements. By focusing on injury resiliency, we aim to equip each athlete with the necessary tools to prevent injuries and ensure long-term athletic success. 

  • Periodic athletic testing- One of the first things we will do is test each athlete's abilities on a multitude of performance tests. These scores will then be the goals to beat as we put in work throughout the summer.

  • Fun yet competitive environment- Training hard is key but it is hard to stick with when you are not having fun. This small group setting is perfect for implementing games that challenge athleticism and keep each athlete engaged. 

  • Learning-driven teaching- The goal is to teach the principles of proper training so they can use the ideas to drive long-term athletic development. Progressing as an athlete is not about doing some specific drill over and over for years. But more understanding of why you are doing the drill and applying that knowledge elsewhere

  • Affordable high-quality coaching- Many of our competitors charge crazy fees for similar programs. Here it is not a profit-greedy endeavor, but more so trying to provide the guidance that I wish I received when I myself was a young and hungry athlete.

What age group is the class designed for?

Our speed and strength class is designed for middle school athletes. We cater to the ages range of 10-14. As enrollment and interests are solidified the class could be separated further including younger athletes.

How often are the classes held, and what is the duration of each session?

The classes are typically held 4 times each week, but each athlete should only attend 2 sessions each week. We offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your child's other commitments and ensure they can participate without scheduling conflicts. This is done by making Monday and Tuesday the same workout and then Wednesday and Thursday the same. You just have to choose which combination of days best fits your schedule.

Will my child receive personalized attention during the class?

Absolutely! We believe in providing individual attention and personalized coaching to maximize each athlete's progress. The small group setting allows the coach to assess the specific needs and goals of every participant, tailoring the training program

Will the class focus on specific sports or is it applicable to a variety of athletic disciplines?

The best athletes are well-rounded athletes. These days, too much emphasis is placed on single sport specialization. Our goal is to create a solid athletic base that allows each athlete to chase their goals in whatever sport they desire. 

Youth S&S Questions

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