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Martin Performance's One To One Personal Training helps busy men and women to build lean, athletic, healthy physiques without the frustrations of trying to figure it out alone


  • ​Your Transformation Roadmap- Where you and your coach will work together to break down your long-term goals into step-by-step targets, so there’s a crystal clear vision and path to take you away from frustration, and towards your ideal physique, fitness, strength, and energy levels 

  • 100% custom-made design following an in-depth movement assessment and based on your roadmap. We don’t do cookie-cutters, everything is designed with your progress and lifestyle in mind

  • Two or more times per week where your progression is our number one priority in an environment that allows all the focus to be on you (no waiting for machines, or feeling crowded in a big, impersonal gym)

  • Athlete Check-ins every 6-8 weeks to review exactly where we’re at compared to our vision set within the Transformation Roadmap- so  we can keep you 100% on track, and make any adjustments we need so life never gets in the way of you and your goals again​

  • Affordable high-quality coaching- We offer affordable prices relative to our competitors. This allows you to get the most value from your money.

How long does it take to see results?

In terms of outlook and energy? Many of our clients feel the difference after just one to two weeks of making their health a priority and note the drop in afternoon lethargy, and can already feel the impact that positive momentum is having on their body

It’s generally around that
4-5 week mark however that a solid, physical difference begins to show. Whether it’s a notch or two down on the belt buckle, jeans no longer digging into the stomach, or being able to pick your kids up overhead without shoulder pain or groaning. Another month on from there? And you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve

I’ve been training for years, will you be able to help me get to the next level?

Yes, I can. All great athletes have coaches, from Olympians to Hollywood Stars prepping for a role involving walking out of the sea in slow-motion. Coach Martin stays on top of the latest research and training modalities to ensure we’re always providing the most up-to-date methods for getting men and women in the best shape of their life

Our Personal Training will give you the
guidance, tools, and support to break through any plateaus and progress even further in your health and fitness journey

I've never been to a gym before, will this be right for me?

If you’ve never trained before, or only dabbled a few times. Personal Training is the perfect way to create a solid foundation for a long-term transformation- avoiding the injuries and frustration that most people go through, before throwing in the towel when they don’t have a coach on their side​


Gyms can be big, intimidating places. I understand that and I introduce men and women to fitness the right way- putting their safety and confidence first to ensure they fall in love with fitness, and make it a lifelong commitment to health, rather than a short-term fling

Do you give me a strict diet to follow?

Our nutrition coaching works off the “teach a person to fish” model, rather than the outdated premise of strict periods of dieting. The fact is, you can drink beer and wine, enjoy a social life with BBQs and meals out with friends AND get amazing results

​It’s just down to understanding the balance needed to still make progress without being miserable. Our nutrition coaching approach allows us to look at what you’re currently doing, and make adjustments from there for long-term results without the frustration and bounce back weight that traditional diets bring

1:1 Training Questions

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