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Personal Training Clients


Before working with Owen, I hadn't been in a gym consistently since COVID. When I started to work with Owen, I was blown away. Firstly, to log workouts into the TrainHeroic app, with informative videos deisplaying how to do them. Secondly, by creating a meal plan with recipes, calorie log ins, grocery lists, and more. It's simple, and quick. Lastly, the check ins. He is a trainer who cares about his clients and asks if I wanted a workout changed or if I didn't like one. This made me feel comfortable wiht him on being open on my workouts. in Result, I had lost some fat and gained some muscle, also feeling back in my groove at the gym pushing the game gain I did 3 years ago. 10/10 service!

Online Training Client

I'm loving this program and the app. Thank you so much! I was able to fit into a pair of my old pants and wear them today that I couldn't even get halfway up my legs last year!!!!

Before: 114°

After: 142°

Before: 96°

After: 117°

2022 Speed and Strength Class 

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