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Our nutrition and weight tracking system is the key to reaching your goals. Make your work in the gym worth it by taking your nutrition seriously.


  • ​Calorie and Macro Calculator - Our calculator takes all the guesswork out of the numbers! Most people have no idea how much food they actually need to eat to either lose, maintain, or gain weight. Our software actually gets more accurate at predicting your calorie needs as you put in more data points!

  • Meal Planner - Failing to plan is planning to fail! The built-in meal planner makes it easy to see how your favorite meals fit into your daily calorie needs. 

  • Automated Grocery List - Once you have picked out some meals, at one click of a button our software will generate a grocery list for you. No need to dig through recipes and do a bunch of math just to go buy some food!

  • Custom Recipe Database - The most important part of a successful diet is that you actually enjoy the foods you're eating. You can enter your recipes and the ingredients needed for your favorite meals to keep your diet enjoyable. The goal is to find ways to eat your favorite foods and still make progress toward your goals!

  • Accountability Check-Ins - When trying to change nutrition habits many people fall short because they have no one keeping them accountable. Not here! Each week Coach Martin will meet with you to review your progress and discuss ways to keep progress coming. 

What can I expect from this nutrition coaching program?

Your program's content will be tailored to your individual needs, but generally, you can expect guidance on meal planning, understanding food labels, making healthy food choices, managing cravings, and setting and meeting nutritional goals. Our aim is to provide you with knowledge, resources, and support to lead a healthier lifestyle and improve your overall well-being.

How long does the program last, and what is the commitment level?

The length of the program varies depending on your individual needs and goals. Our coaching is billed one month at a time, so you can continue as you see fit. Generally, a nutrition coaching program may last for about three months. This gives you sufficient time to implement and adapt to new nutritional habits. However, depending on your objectives and the level of support you need, it is subject to change.

Does the program accommodate specific dietary requirements or restrictions (e.g., vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, food allergies, etc.)?

Yes, the program is designed to be flexible and cater to a variety of dietary needs and preferences. Whether you have specific dietary restrictions or are following a particular lifestyle, the coaching will be adapted accordingly. Please communicate any such needs or preferences at the outset, so your program can be tailored appropriately.

Will the program offer personalized dietary plans or is it more of a general guidance?

Our nutrition coaching program provides a combination of both personalized dietary plans and general guidance. Based on your lifestyle, preferences, and health goals, we'll create a tailored meal plan for you. We will also equip you with the knowledge and tools to understand how to make healthy food choices in a variety of situations. The aim is to not only guide you in the short term but also empower you with sustainable skills for lifelong nutrition management.

Nutrition Coaching Questions

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